Can you afford residential synthetic ice?

Probably the number 1 question we get is “what is the price?” Price is the one thing all consumers  understand. One price can be compared to another. Granted knowing what is being compared is a whole other matter. We have written extensively on how to compare products so we won’t get into all that in this article.

can I afford synthetic ice?

Back to affordability. For the absolute most basic synthetic ice setup that your child could use with skates on effectively I would say you should be prepared to spend $500.00. Granted they won’t be able to do too much except shoot pucks and stick handle with skates on. That’s bare minimum and that’s using a value or budget wise product.

If what you would like to be able to accomplish is a broader range of skills such as forward, backward, pivots, tight turns, shooting, stick handling, agility, explosiveness and so forth then as a minimum you may want to think about investing in a surface that is about 200 square feet or measures 10 feet wide and 20 feet long. Depending on the product quality and performance level you can afford then expect to spend between $1700 and $3500.

If you live in Canada then your purchase of synthetic ice can be financed and can have a low monthly payment of between $38 and $85 per month based on a 5 year finance term. Seriously I know a lot of people who would spend more on coffee each month! This is a pretty minor investment considering the huge upside benefits this would offer your young hockey player(s).

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