How to Get a Harder & a Bigger Penis? The Miracle of Size Extenders

Having a bigger and harder penis has its own perks, a lot of people were gathered in a research where it was noticed that men with a bigger size penis are living more exciting and successful life than those who have a smaller size.

Bigger penis size doesn’t have to do anything with your fortune, but it directly deals with your relationship with your partner, your self-integrity and most of all having all the pleasure while you are young and energetic.

When it comes to penis enlargement, there are over hundreds of treatments which claims to increase the size and girth of the penis.

Sadly, most of them are just a part of the scam which now people have realized to some extent. Penis extenders, on the other hand, are still the most effective treatment for that.

Penis extenders are simply penis enlargement devices which work by giving your penile muscles a kick to elongate the size of the overall cells.

Penis enlargement pills are undoubtedly full of side effects and sometimes it can also lead to other health problems such as heart, liver and kidney failure.

Do these Penis Extenders work?

Penis extenders are the best treatment to enlarge your penis.

Penis extenders are coming in plenty of varieties, these days which is why one needs an expert advice in order to get the ideal and the perfect size extender.

According to many types of research, penis extenders work better than penis enlargement surgery.

An Italian urologist published in the British Journal of Urology where he concluded that “Men gained nearly 1 inch in flaccid length, after using a penis extender for six months.”

What qualities should you look for in a Penis Extender?

  • If you are looking for a purchase Penis Extender, make sure it has the following traits.
  • Comfortable with ease
  • Effects should be clinically proven for men
  • Should offer no side effects
  • Must have a money back guarantee
  • Should be made by medical grade material
  • Price should be economical
  • Must have heap of positive reviews

The comfort level counts a lot because unless you are not feeling comfortable, you cannot use it for a long time.

What can you expect from using a Penis Stretcher?

First of all, you will get a larger penis. Note that the results of using Penis extenders can vary from person to person. It may also depend on the frequency of your use and also the timings.

The reason why the effects may vary has something to do with the quality and durability of the extender which you have chosen. Or it may be due to the total time you have worn the device, other than this your everyday routine activities counts, whether if you are performing the stretching exercises or not.

If you gather the results from every region of the world, you will find that most men see the results very quickly.

The average time which these size extender manufacturers claim is about 6 months where a person gain up to 2 inches, but in many cases, the same results appear in 3-4 months’ time period, says users of SizeGenetics.

Some people ask about the limit of their penis enlargement. Well, there is not any limit on how much you can enlarge it, it totally depends on how much you wear it. But that again depends on the quality of your extender.

Choosing a high-quality stretcher such as SizeGenetics or X4 Labs penis stretcher can bring an extreme comfort level, which allows the user to wear it for a long time.

It is to keep in mind that penis stretcher is not solely used for enlarging penis size, but they also help you to define a perfect shape and curvature of your penis.

How do Penis Extenders work? The important part!

By looking at the penis stretcher, it might look an ordinary piece of device, but in reality, it is backed up by high scientific researchers and testing which makes them so much effective and comfortable to use.

Sizegenetics penis extender device

Penis extenders are basically comprised of three different parts.

  1. Base
  2. Extending Roots
  3. Fixation Strap

After you wear this, a lot of physiological mechanisms take place in the area of your penis known as Corpora Cavernosa.

The stretching phenomenon cause cell division, which pushes newly made cells to the damage site in order to repair. By the time new tissues are gathered and cause an enlargement of your penis size.

The development of these tissues depends on the time you use it, the more you use more will be the tissue production, hence more penis enlargement in progress.

This effect does not take a day or two, but it requires consistency for a specific period of time.

Are Penis Extenders safe to use?

As mentioned above, Penis Stretchers/Extenders are totally safe as long as you choose the high-quality size extender.

There are huge varieties of cheap Penis Extenders you will find on eBay or which are not the perfect device you want to try for yourself.

The results are not so much guaranteed, plus you might put your penis health into jeopardy. You can find the best penis extenders by searching the most selling and successful brands i.e Sizegenetics which make the premium quality of penis enlarging devices.

It will be unwise to choose an extender which is low cost because nothing is more important than the health of your sex organ.

Let us brief you about the best-selling Penis Extender which has gained a massive success because of its impressive results.

Best Penis Extender/Stretcher

You simply cannot negate the facts if something has worked perfectly for most people. Penis extenders are available from many brand names, but one of the best Penis extender we would like to recommend you is called SizeGenetics.

The reason why we ranked SizeGenetics as number first in the category of Penis extenders is that of the real testimonials are written by the people who actually used it.

Furthermore, the users also added before and after pictures which display an astonishing result brought by SizeGenetics.

Indeed, there are multiple products out there which you can buy and try, but the purpose of this article is to help you choose the right one without wasting your time and efforts.

One of the best things about SizeGenetics is its comforting facility which allows users to improve the chance of their gains.

We have found so many positive reviews about the SizeGenetics which we think can help you make your vision clear before buying it.

They key for a perfect size extenders lies in its comfortability level, which many manufacturers have forgotten.

SizeGenetics offers you a total comfort level while you are wearing it and it ensures the fastest penis enlargement. You can wear it for as long as you want and you won’t feel any discomfort even for a second.

One of the reviews about SizeGenetics says “Designed with comfort and results in mind, SizeGenetics™ is the best penis enlargement system you can buy.”

Let’s see what makes SizeGenetics the number ONE penis traction device

  • Recommended by the elite penis enlargement surgeons.
  • Can enlarge your penis size easily and with comfort
  • Gives you extra inches when used for a long run
  • Designed for rectifying the Penis Curvature
  • Gives you control over the ejaculation time
  • Makes you harder and stronger with a partner
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No side effects ever reported

Things you should do in order to avoid the danger of Penis Extenders

Never Overstretch- Over stretching can damage your penis muscles permanently and give rise to many painful situations. With penis extenders the less you stretch the more you have done.

Stay Consistent- Penis extenders should not be used in a rush because they will not give you overnight effects.

In order to achieve the perfect results, you must show consistency with comfortable stretch, after all, you are dealing with the sensitive organ of your body, so take it easy and relax while you are doing it.


You should know that there are plenty of Penis stretching products available on the internet which differs markedly in quality.

About 80% of the size extenders available on the internet do not work and proven to be worthless by all users.

Instead of going to cheap and easily available penis extender you must choose the best ones which work with you for a long run.

When it comes to safe, effective and medically tested Penis Extenders SizeGenetics and X4 Labs are the only choice you must keep in mind.

Any Penis stretcher which is devoid of any clinically proven studies can be harmful and dangerous to your sex life and overall health.

Final Verdict

Penis enlargement/Extender/Stretchers are a revolution in men’s health category. Without a large and hard penis, it is nearly impossible to have a satisfied sexual life, premature ejaculation is also the other waiting condition.

The penis extenders are designed to shape the health and size your penis without messing with the internal systems which are why they do not have any side effects. Although vigorous and over stretching is highly contraindicated.

While selecting a penis enlargement device, your main concern should always be your health and safety.

We can finally conclude that penis extenders are the best type of natural male enhancement, which are effective, safe which enlarge every size of the penis.

Most of the extenders are made around the same codes but the difference is in the design and the comfort level it provides.

If you are tired of using male enhancement pills and want to bring a spark to your sexual life, Penis extenders are the right device for you.

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