SizeGenetics Extender: Review and Results

If asked, almost every man in this world would show his desire for a long length penis! Interestingly, sizegenetics is a penis extender that has been helping men to enlarge and engorge their penis for a period of 20 years now. Sizegenetics works through natural means to ensure no harm is cause to your sexual organ, during the process of enlargement. Considering the comfort factor and the efficacy, sizegenetics justifiably ranked on the list of top 5 penis extenders ruling the male enhancement market. Sizegenetics is acclaimed to be a type 1 medical device. It is highly praised and recommended by doctors.


  • Sizegenetics is in the market for 20 years and has a record of serving thousands of customers successfully.
  • The contraption is mainly considered for its size enhancing powers. Besides, sizegenetics is also proven to engorge penis naturally and safely.
  • Its 58 way comfort system is what makes sizegenetics the most comfortable device available nowadays. Due to this, the device can be work for longer.
  • It applies traction technique to facilitate size gains. It is the solo penis extender that offers 2800 grams of tension for definite gains.
  • Sizegenetics is also considered by men with erectile dysfunction.
  • It comes in three attractive packages, all supported by six months money back policy.
  • The product is one such penis extender that has real testimonials and experiences. The product works for everyone and has no age limit.
  • Sizegenetics has a clean record of helping men with size gains. There has been no record of side effects that may have been sourced by its use.
  • Results generated by the contraption are lasting.


The benefits of this penis extender are not just limited to size gains; however, the usage of sizegenetics works to promote the general sexual health of a man. This means that this contraption is of versatile nature and can be used by all those:

  1. Willing to enlarge the length of their penile. According to many, the penis stretcher has helped them gain 1-3 inches on an average.
  2. Who wish to increase the circumference of their penile. This means that sizegenetics is good with both, enlargement, as well as engorgement purpose.
  3. Who want to strengthen their penis to boost their orgasmic pleasure.
  4. Who want to last longer in bed.
  5. Willing to have hardcore, solid erections.
  6. Seeking mean to straighten up a curvature.
  7. Seeking a natural and effective mean to treat erectile dysfunction.


  1. While many would not mind spending great on a product that promises and lead to definite gains, others could not afford the heavy price of this product. Yes, when it comes to price factor, the product lacks point. It is way more expensive than other contraptions that aim to increase gains.
  2. People who can afford male enhancement surgeries would find the process of enlargement long and time consuming.
  3. Active sleepers may end up facing injuries if they decide to wear the contraption during bedtime.

As you can see, the benefits of sizegenetics outweigh its cons. Thus, one thing that is assured is that sizegenetics is a smart choice for all those willing gain few inches in months, safely and naturally! I am sure, you must be wondering now, that what makes sizegenetics so effective! What is the secret behind it, or say the science behind its success! Let me help you uncover the truth!


Basically, Sizegenetics stands on 3 key principles:


As soon as the contraption is worn, the very moment it starts to function. It gives, slow and constant stretch to the penile, which makes the tissue cells present within the phallus to stretch and tear. This causes gaps.


After this, when the cells start to heal, fresh cells are formed which fill the gaps to accommodate the stretch. This enables size gains.


Your penis can now hold extra blood, which works to enlarge its size. Plus, this will also augment the quality of erections now! Yeah, I mean longer and hardcore erections.


Since it applies traction technique, which works through a natural mechanism to enable size gains, thus, the results may take time to prompt. One needs to remain patient and consistent with its usage!


If you are looking forward to this product for better gains and for the improvement in the quality of erections, then yes, the product will definitely work for you! However, if you wish sizegenetics to generate gains overnight, then male enhancement surgery is a better option for quick gains!