Do Penis Exercises Really Work?

The need to enlarge and engorge penis by men is not new. Men from the older times have been seeking means that can help them add extra inches to the size and girth of their penis!

Penis exercises were commonly practiced in the previous decades, however, with the introduction of new and effective male enhancement products, the trend to add gains through natural means, seems to fade completely. Interestingly, many consider these exercises to be of no use, and their efficacy a myth, however these are truly unaware of how workable and useful these exercises can turn for them, without costing a single penny and without causing any harm to their sexual organ!


Have you ever notice how tribal people use certain items and weights to change the size and appearance of their body parts. For example, their females put metal rings in their necks to enlarge their necklines. Not just this, others use weights to enlarge their ear lobes, as a measure to come up with the beauty standards set by them. Foot binding was also a famous Chinese tradition that was practiced to stop the growth of feet, as tiny feet were considered to be a sign of beauty and high status in their society. When practices like these can work on other body parts, in terms of improving the size and appearance etc, then why not your penis?

Traction technique is one effective way that is proven to increase the length. It requires the penile to be stretched in a straight position. Even though, there are many devices and contraption used for this very purpose, yet, using your hands can also work to do the favor in the same manner as the tools.

Basically, our body has the tendency to adapt to the changes and react in accordance with the external stimuli. Have you ever wondered what makes the bodybuilders pack on muscles? It is the physical effort that facilitates and encourages the growth that is the response of exerted efforts.

Therefore, regular exercises that are practiced involving your penile will enable it to grow eventually.


An exercise that is proven to increase size and has been practiced since long is Jelq. It involves milking movement that encourages the circulation of blood to the genital regions. As the supply of blood to these areas amplifies, one is likely to experience size gains gradually. Apart from size, the exercise is also effective in improving the erection quality. Jelq can provide a great boost to your sexual health, safely!

According to Dr. Brian Richards, jelq is a very powerful exercise that has helped as many as 90% of the men who have practiced it consistently. Exercises like these tend to prove that penis enlargement exercises do work. However, make sure you do them accurately to ensure utmost gains.

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Sizegenetics applies traction technique, one that constantly, yet gently stretches your penile for the cells to break apart and divide. While these cells start to recover, new cells are produced that then accommodates the stretch, enabling the penile to increase in size permanently.


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