Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Treating Panic Attacks

More often than not, people feel panic attacks are something that comes suddenly out of the blue. But in reality, they are a product of people’s own thinking. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, panic disorder is a form of anxiety disorder affecting about 40 million Americans in the age range of 18 years and above.

A panic attack is fundamentally a bodily sensation of anxiety and a misinterpretation of these sensations as something dangerous. People’s belief that they are in a dangerous situation increases the panic, thus creating a vicious cycle between bodily sensations, warped thought patterns, and anxiety. The real cause of such attacks in people is their wrong belief that they are in danger, and not the panic itself. Panic is only an emotional response to people’s belief that they are in danger.

Shortness of breath, dizziness, feeling unsteady and faint, pounding or racing heart, sweating, trembling, nausea and choking sensations, numbness, thrills, and fears are some of the symptoms that help in detecting panic disorders. Although panic attacks are not fatal per se, they shouldn’t be ignored. A professional psychotherapist can help individuals cope with such disorders.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and panic attacks

Several medications are used to treat panic and anxiety disorders in people, but such treatment options do more harm than good in the long run. This is when psychologists feel the need for non-medication approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to alleviate symptoms of panic disorders and help people out of their negative thinking loop.

Since panic attacks are an emotional response to a “fearful” situation, treatment should focus on addressing the deep-seated, subconscious fear that is triggering the response. CBT is composed of two components that help people overcome panic attacks:

  • Identification and alteration of distorted thought patterns that trigger anxiety (cognitive therapy)
  • Desensitizing anxiety through exposure to fearful situations (behavioral therapy)

As a combination of cognitive and behavioral therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy treats panic disorders by helping individuals identify their distorted thinking patterns and replace them with constructive and less-intimidating thoughts. Cognitive behavioral therapy goes to the root cause of such fears and trains individuals to respond in a particular way to fearful situations.

CBT, coupled with relaxation training, stress reduction, and mindfulness, can rewire the brain to think in a particular way. By enabling people to confront their fears, CBT breaks people’s current perception and make them view fearful situations differently. As a model that establishes a connection between cognition, emotion, and behavior, CBT trains people to identify negative thoughts, replacing them with positive ones and bring about a change in their behavior.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has become a preferred treatment option for psychotherapists across the globe. CBT in Toronto, for example, is offered by expert and qualified CBT professionals who have years of experience in mental and psychological health. In general, CBT is replacing medications in the present times because its benefits are more long-lived. Moreover, it is reinforcing a person’s coping mechanisms and helps him/her to overcome deep-seated, debilitating fears that trigger panic attacks.

All You Need To Know About IceCast Hosting

IceCast hosting servers allows a seamless broadcasting experience by quickly and easily streaming your station all across the globe. It allows you to stay in touch with your users tuning in from almost any location. IceCast is built in with mountpoints that automatically transfer listeners from the Auto DJ mode to the live streaming broadcast and back without the need to manually turn anything on or off. It is different from WHM Sonic, which works with MP3 streams ensuring it is compatible with other media players such as Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media and even flash players.

IceCast Hosting servers are the same as ShoutCast in many ways as it allows you to stream using Ogg, AAC+, MP3 or Opus supported media. All IceCast Hosting Packages include Free Auto DJ. IceCast Auto DJ system allows you to upload your mp3s to the system while selecting multiple playlists and streaming 24/7 without the need for your computer to be on all the time.
How do you start using IceCast?

Start your stream in 3 easy steps:

  1. Begin with choosing your bitrate
  2. Next step is choosing the number of listeners
  3. Lastly, checkout – you are ready to go

How is IceCast priced

Accounts all have unlimited traffic, but a limit on the bitrate and listeners. All these plans include the AutoDJ with all the great features thrown in for free.

How is IceCast support?

Support is provided 24/7 and comes with all packages. Friendly staff are on standby ready to answer your questions while helping you begin streaming as soon as possible.

Here’s why you should pick IceCast

  • Reliable: Servers with zero downtime and greater infrastructure are at your disposal with IceCast’s goal on providing efficient and cost effective high speed hosting solutions for your broadcast station.
  • Cloud Auto DJ: Users have access to automation software that helps broadcast 24/7 without requiring the use of your computer all day. Just upload your files, create your playlists and start your stream.
  • Multiple DJs: If more than one DJ is performing on your station, you could find it desirable in delegating limited access to the control panel to each DJ. It is possible through various DJ accounts.
  • Live Source Switching: If your live broadcast loses connection or if your live broadcast suddenly ends, the control panel automatically switches to default playlists in your Cloud Auto DJ as backup to your Internet Radio.
  • Music Library: IceCast lets you upload your files to the Cloud AutoDJ library helping you create multiple playlists. Your own Internet Radio in autopilot 24/7 uses Cloud AutoDJ. Additionally you may broadcast live whenever you wish to.
  • Reporting and Statistics: IceCast helps you monitor your stream’s audience, resource utilization and performance, which are essential to running a successful Internet radio station. IceCast’s statistics systems provides realtime statistics about listener trends and demographics.

How to Get a Harder & a Bigger Penis? The Miracle of Size Extenders

Having a bigger and harder penis has its own perks, a lot of people were gathered in a research where it was noticed that men with a bigger size penis are living more exciting and successful life than those who have a smaller size.

Bigger penis size doesn’t have to do anything with your fortune, but it directly deals with your relationship with your partner, your self-integrity and most of all having all the pleasure while you are young and energetic.

When it comes to penis enlargement, there are over hundreds of treatments which claims to increase the size and girth of the penis.

Sadly, most of them are just a part of the scam which now people have realized to some extent. Penis extenders, on the other hand, are still the most effective treatment for that.

Penis extenders are simply penis enlargement devices which work by giving your penile muscles a kick to elongate the size of the overall cells.

Penis enlargement pills are undoubtedly full of side effects and sometimes it can also lead to other health problems such as heart, liver and kidney failure.

Do these Penis Extenders work?

Penis extenders are the best treatment to enlarge your penis.

Penis extenders are coming in plenty of varieties, these days which is why one needs an expert advice in order to get the ideal and the perfect size extender.

According to many types of research, penis extenders work better than penis enlargement surgery.

An Italian urologist published in the British Journal of Urology where he concluded that “Men gained nearly 1 inch in flaccid length, after using a penis extender for six months.”

What qualities should you look for in a Penis Extender?

  • If you are looking for a purchase Penis Extender, make sure it has the following traits.
  • Comfortable with ease
  • Effects should be clinically proven for men
  • Should offer no side effects
  • Must have a money back guarantee
  • Should be made by medical grade material
  • Price should be economical
  • Must have heap of positive reviews

The comfort level counts a lot because unless you are not feeling comfortable, you cannot use it for a long time.

What can you expect from using a Penis Stretcher?

First of all, you will get a larger penis. Note that the results of using Penis extenders can vary from person to person. It may also depend on the frequency of your use and also the timings.

The reason why the effects may vary has something to do with the quality and durability of the extender which you have chosen. Or it may be due to the total time you have worn the device, other than this your everyday routine activities counts, whether if you are performing the stretching exercises or not.

If you gather the results from every region of the world, you will find that most men see the results very quickly.

The average time which these size extender manufacturers claim is about 6 months where a person gain up to 2 inches, but in many cases, the same results appear in 3-4 months’ time period, says users of SizeGenetics.

Some people ask about the limit of their penis enlargement. Well, there is not any limit on how much you can enlarge it, it totally depends on how much you wear it. But that again depends on the quality of your extender.

Choosing a high-quality stretcher such as SizeGenetics or X4 Labs penis stretcher can bring an extreme comfort level, which allows the user to wear it for a long time.

It is to keep in mind that penis stretcher is not solely used for enlarging penis size, but they also help you to define a perfect shape and curvature of your penis.

How do Penis Extenders work? The important part!

By looking at the penis stretcher, it might look an ordinary piece of device, but in reality, it is backed up by high scientific researchers and testing which makes them so much effective and comfortable to use.

Sizegenetics penis extender device

Penis extenders are basically comprised of three different parts.

  1. Base
  2. Extending Roots
  3. Fixation Strap

After you wear this, a lot of physiological mechanisms take place in the area of your penis known as Corpora Cavernosa.

The stretching phenomenon cause cell division, which pushes newly made cells to the damage site in order to repair. By the time new tissues are gathered and cause an enlargement of your penis size.

The development of these tissues depends on the time you use it, the more you use more will be the tissue production, hence more penis enlargement in progress.

This effect does not take a day or two, but it requires consistency for a specific period of time.

Are Penis Extenders safe to use?

As mentioned above, Penis Stretchers/Extenders are totally safe as long as you choose the high-quality size extender.

There are huge varieties of cheap Penis Extenders you will find on eBay or which are not the perfect device you want to try for yourself.

The results are not so much guaranteed, plus you might put your penis health into jeopardy. You can find the best penis extenders by searching the most selling and successful brands i.e Sizegenetics which make the premium quality of penis enlarging devices.

It will be unwise to choose an extender which is low cost because nothing is more important than the health of your sex organ.

Let us brief you about the best-selling Penis Extender which has gained a massive success because of its impressive results.

Best Penis Extender/Stretcher

You simply cannot negate the facts if something has worked perfectly for most people. Penis extenders are available from many brand names, but one of the best Penis extender we would like to recommend you is called SizeGenetics.

The reason why we ranked SizeGenetics as number first in the category of Penis extenders is that of the real testimonials are written by the people who actually used it.

Furthermore, the users also added before and after pictures which display an astonishing result brought by SizeGenetics.

Indeed, there are multiple products out there which you can buy and try, but the purpose of this article is to help you choose the right one without wasting your time and efforts.

One of the best things about SizeGenetics is its comforting facility which allows users to improve the chance of their gains.

We have found so many positive reviews about the SizeGenetics which we think can help you make your vision clear before buying it.

They key for a perfect size extenders lies in its comfortability level, which many manufacturers have forgotten.

SizeGenetics offers you a total comfort level while you are wearing it and it ensures the fastest penis enlargement. You can wear it for as long as you want and you won’t feel any discomfort even for a second.

One of the reviews about SizeGenetics says “Designed with comfort and results in mind, SizeGenetics™ is the best penis enlargement system you can buy.”

Let’s see what makes SizeGenetics the number ONE penis traction device

  • Recommended by the elite penis enlargement surgeons.
  • Can enlarge your penis size easily and with comfort
  • Gives you extra inches when used for a long run
  • Designed for rectifying the Penis Curvature
  • Gives you control over the ejaculation time
  • Makes you harder and stronger with a partner
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No side effects ever reported

Things you should do in order to avoid the danger of Penis Extenders

Never Overstretch- Over stretching can damage your penis muscles permanently and give rise to many painful situations. With penis extenders the less you stretch the more you have done.

Stay Consistent- Penis extenders should not be used in a rush because they will not give you overnight effects.

In order to achieve the perfect results, you must show consistency with comfortable stretch, after all, you are dealing with the sensitive organ of your body, so take it easy and relax while you are doing it.


You should know that there are plenty of Penis stretching products available on the internet which differs markedly in quality.

About 80% of the size extenders available on the internet do not work and proven to be worthless by all users.

Instead of going to cheap and easily available penis extender you must choose the best ones which work with you for a long run.

When it comes to safe, effective and medically tested Penis Extenders SizeGenetics and X4 Labs are the only choice you must keep in mind.

Any Penis stretcher which is devoid of any clinically proven studies can be harmful and dangerous to your sex life and overall health.

Final Verdict

Penis enlargement/Extender/Stretchers are a revolution in men’s health category. Without a large and hard penis, it is nearly impossible to have a satisfied sexual life, premature ejaculation is also the other waiting condition.

The penis extenders are designed to shape the health and size your penis without messing with the internal systems which are why they do not have any side effects. Although vigorous and over stretching is highly contraindicated.

While selecting a penis enlargement device, your main concern should always be your health and safety.

We can finally conclude that penis extenders are the best type of natural male enhancement, which are effective, safe which enlarge every size of the penis.

Most of the extenders are made around the same codes but the difference is in the design and the comfort level it provides.

If you are tired of using male enhancement pills and want to bring a spark to your sexual life, Penis extenders are the right device for you.

The Truth Behind Penis Enlargement Procedures

Penis enlargement surgery or procedure is becoming demanded by men who want to add extra inches to their penis size.

Longer penis size is required for better sexual performance and elevated stamina which is so much in fashion these days.

Tired of their penis size and sexual performance men are looking for solutions online to which they come across many options.

Not every penis enlargement surgery is a success, neither every male enhancement product available in the market is efficient.

What is a normal penis size?

The normal size of a flaccid penis is around 2-4 inches, but that’s not how you determine the actual penis size.

There are 3 categories, but the one which counts is the size when your penis is fully erect.

The average penis size to satisfy a woman and to have mesmerizing sexual intercourse is agreed to be 4.7-6.9 inches.

Some men relatively have a smaller flaccid penis but they appear to be bigger after erection.

Does Size Matters?

This is not what men need to answer.

According to a survey, about 60% women believe that size does matter, while the other thinks it’s how you use it.

This issue has been on the internet for over a decade for which many penis enlargement supplements, pills, extenders, pumps have been developed.

But the actual question still remains the same, is that does size really matters?

Speaking of a man with a 6-inch penis, it will certainly easy for him to penetrate deep inside a woman.

Women love deep penetration in sex more than anything which is why the longer penis size is important to them.

Again, there are conditions where you ejaculated for a very short period of time, this time defines the actual pleasure in sex which due to small size penis gets narrowed down.

Bigger penis size develops more rigor and excitement level than it already present.

Yes, you can flaunt it in front of your partner which also leaves certain marks of stronger sexuality.

Women who are completely sexually active prefers the size range between 6-7 inches, which majority of men are longing to have.

Penis Enlargement Procedure

There are two different kinds of penis enlargement treatments which men have tried since the modern age.

The results with these treatments affect the length and girth of the penis which is why a large population is trying them for better sexual life.

These penis enlargement treatments include

  1. Surgical Procedure
  2. Non-Surgical Treatment

1. Surgical Procedure

The penis enlargement procedures are 50 years old where it first used to be for the people suffering from Peyronie’s disease and default birth abnormalities such as the micro penis.

surgical penis enlargement procedure
penis enlargement sugery

This cosmetic surgery enhances the length and girth of a penis as we know about it which later begin in America in late 1980.

The procedure is highly expensive and there is no guarantee if your penis size is going to get bigger.

As we spoke the surgery used to take place for the eradication of abnormal penis behavior which later can arise problems in a person’s sexual life.

The method is done by cutting the ligament and then perform plastic surgery to add the extra skin which gives it a new length.

The inches, however, weren’t too much which nowadays men want.

About 0.25 inch to 0.75 inch extra was observed by the surgeons which, according to modern size seekers is just not enough.

The increase in thickness was demonstrated by some experts who found it more dangerous than adding length to the penis via surgery.

Usually, an injection of liposuctioned fat was administered in the thighs or under the skin of the penis shaft.

The fats, however, disappeared within 90 days, leaving no marks of enhanced thickness.

To this day, penis enlargement surgical procedures are not guaranteed to give you the ideal size penis, indeed it’s a highly expensive and painful procedure.

2. Non-Surgical Treatment

No, we are not going to promote the penis enlargement pills or creams because these things have nothing to do with penis size.

non surgical penis enlargement methods
penis enlargement pills

Men for many centuries have been generating an enormous amount of strength all by natural means.

When it comes to enlarging the penis size, we would solemnly advise the users to go for the non-surgical treatment which mainly involves exercise for penis.

It’s like a bodybuilding for penis, but only with moderate intensity and routine punctuality.

To assist the exercise method so you can enlarge the size of your cock, there have been many scientific innovations which have completely changed the perspective of penis enlargement.

Een they have replaced the penis enlargement surgical procedures to the vast extent.

Penis extender device according to the majority of sex experts, are the safest and effective treatment for penis enlargement.

Now, there are many penis enlargement devices, but which one you should buy, well that’s a dilemma.

Because there are currently hundreds of size extenders available across the world, we will help you in choosing the right one which can fulfill your demands.

SizeGenetics – The Best Penis Extender

SizeGenetics is the latest name in penis enlargement devices which improve the size of your penis with enhanced erection quality.

Sizegenetics penis extender

The customer and expert’s reviews about SizeGenetics tells us that this device has changed the life of disappointed men quite drastically.

The device simply works by applying 2,800 grams of tension on the penis.

This tension is not the maximum amount of force, though, which can damage blood vessels.

The manufacturer used optimum amount of tension which is just right for your penis cells to grow at a natural rate.

The device is designed by the Dutch and American scientists which makes it the first-grade penis enlargement device, unlike the Chinese products who will damage your organ if used extremely.

The kit of SizeGenetics contains every possible equipment that can keep your penis safe and unharmed during the tension period.

Users have reportedly added 3-4 inches to their penis size in 3 months of the time period.

This is way more inches than what you get from surgery.

Final Thoughts

Penis extension device

Latest cosmetic surgical procedures are mostly untested by research, untrustworthy in their results, and may bring the risk of serious complications.

Whereas in the official website of SizeGenetics you can find a large number of Urologists has endorsed SizeGenetics for its very remarkable results.

Either you waste your hard earned cash in any sham surgical procedure, or you can pay an affordable price and get this size extending device right away.

Note: There is no risk associated with Non-Surgical treatments, especially by the use of Sizegenetics Extenders.

Can I Buy SizeGenetics From GNC

The basic market structure for years has been unidentified. Many have thought of it as a mechanism where basic buying and selling happens. A market is indeed a place where the buyer meets the seller. The location and scope of the markets have eventually changed.

A lot of this has happened because of the transformation in the retail outlets. Retail has been very important but when it comes to retail in medicine, the very importance of the term increases.

This is where GNC, Americas single biggest medical retailer comes into the picture. Being specifically located in an industry which requires a lot of trust to be placed on the seller, GNC has garnered a name for itself.

This trust has come through a very steady pace of change and transition. The needs of people on the lookout for trustable medicines have been met by GNC.

One of the underlying needs amongst the men of today is to have a penis that mesmerizes the opposite gender to the extent where she would bend over for a taste of it. Nature has been very cruel to a few people when it comes to penis size. Those specific few people have been lamenting their slow success and eventually with the passage of time start linking their failure as a person with the small penis size.

Penis size indeed is no indication of yourself or your body, but to make an impression amongst the opposite gender you will be requiring the services of a penis that sets an example. One such product providing the best penis growth for people with small penises is SizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics is indeed very interactive and simple equipment which makes it the best option for people secretly looking for an option. Interestingly or much to your demise, the product is not available at any one of GNC, Wal-Mart, Amazon or EBay. So if you want to buy SizeGenetics GNC is not the perfect place for you. The perfect place or option for you is to buy from no one else but the official manufacturer of the product, online.

The official manufacturers of the product find great pleasure in having to sell the product to the people themselves. All in all, this is not a bad deal as you would be enjoying a fair amount of benefits with the purchase.


A few of the benefits, you would be enjoying are:

  • The website offers very handsome discounts to customers willing to buy the product from them. These discounts come in all various types of the products which makes it a perfect deal for the buyer.
  • The delivery system is very accurate and the website is verified to be safe when making transactions through different online modes.
  • The money back guarantee makes it a very easy decision to make for an aspiring customer. This would be because the risk involved decreases. If the device turns out to be ineffective on you, you could always return it back to SizeGenetics to avail the money back guarantee.


The perks of having a large penis and herculean erections is something that cannot be compared with the benefits you get from any other aspect.

Few of the benefits are:

  • Your confidence will build up.
  • You will have a much better time on bed with your loved one.
  • Your love life will experience a boost for the better.
  • If you are the play boy type, there will be a gossip in town about the length of your penis that will woo over even the haughtiest ones.


The work pattern of the extenders offered by SizeGenetics is similar to that of a weight lifter lifting weight. Eventually with the passage of time the weight lifter will start lifting bigger weights and will soon develop the tendency in his muscles where the muscles will start growing. SizeGenetics uses a similar technology and work schedule to enlarge your penis. You just have to apply the device on your penis to get a constant but normal stretch which will enlarge the muscles present in your penis.

This stretch makes the cells present in the Corporo Cavernoso to stretch and split. During the cell healing process, the new cells are developed, leading to an increase in the size of your penis. Furthermore with a much bigger Corporo Cavernoso it is believed that your penis will be able to hold more blood and you will be enjoying much longer and harder erections.


SizeGenetics offers an alternative that is nothing short of giving you a wonderful experience. So if you do plan to buy SizeGenetics GNC or any other retailer is not the best option, in short, go and buy the product from its official manufacturers online.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender Here’s 2017 Results

A penis extender is a device that gets affixed to your penis and gently applies force while stretching your penis without hurting or causing any disturbance. Regular usage of penis extenders can cause a significant enlargement in penis size.

Penis enlargement tools are the only way to enlarge your penis size without undergoing any painful surgeries. Penis enlargement pills or creams should never be preferred or used as they are all scam and do nothing except wasting up the money.

Same is the case with penis pumps that only leave a temporary effect. To enjoy a lifelong penis enlargement you should only use penis extenders.

There are numerous of studies confirming penis extenders’ effectiveness. One of the verifications is the Wikipedia’s stat below:

“A 2002 study that was published in the International Journal of Impotence Research effectively showed that penis extender devices can elongate the penis and increase penis length in correlation with how long the device is used. Another study, conducted in 2009 at the University of Turin and published in the British Journal of Urology, concluded the same thing.”

To get as much benefit of penis extenders as desired one must wear the device for as longer time as possible. The favorable results start occurring within a few months.

The progression of penis extenders is frequently matched up to to weight exercise. Muscles get stretched and ripped while lifting up the weight which causes muscle duplication. Muscles start holding more and more blood as they get healed up.

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This is exactly the same what happens after using penis extenders. The results do take time to occur but when you used extenders with full dedication you will end up having a 2 inches bigger and stronger penis.

Just imagine your life with a two inch bigger penis? It is not a scam. Give it a try to experience it yourself.

Why is SizeGenetics the number 1 Penis Extender?

Below are the reasons what make SizeGenetics the number 1 penis extender:

Strength: throwing back all of its competitors behind, SizeGenetics gives you up to 2,800 grams of tension so you can get your desired results sooner and faster. No other penis extender offers the same.


First-rate medical materials have been used manufacturing this device to ensure 100% safety. Most of the penis extenders available in the market are assembled and produced in China using low quality materials with possibilities of slipping up. You better just ignore such cheap quality extenders as they may cause serious damage to your penis.


SizeGenetics’ penis extender gives you the most comfy experience ever. You can easily wear it for longer hours without feeling any disturbance. This will result in sooner results. SizeGenetics Advanced Comfort System gives you 58 various ways to adjust the device settings as per your comfort-ability.

By the passage of time, the comfort system is improving further and further. SizeGenetics producers have recently build up special comfort plasters to wear with the beneath the device to avoid any chances of slippage or rasping with the help of the global manufacturing corporation 3M.

There is no more comfy and relaxed penis extender in the market than SizeGenetics penis extender. The only reason men discontinue using extenders is the uneasiness they cause. The only way to get SizeGenetics penis extender in your bag is thorough the official online site only as it is not available in stores and retail outlets.


The company is based is Danish for almost two decades. SizeGenetics underwent thousands of researches by both American and Danish doctors before it gets introduced in the market.

SizeGenetics has been manufactured following the FDA instructions and regulations. The foreign based penis extenders have no guarantee of being a safe device.

The Guarantee

The device comes with 6 months of money back guarantee giving you enough time to check out if it works for you.

In fact, penis enlargement through extenders demands both time and endurance. No man with low patience power can stick to it. This is why the producers are a little conscientious about giving the guarantee.

Even if you are a disbeliever of this extender, you should go ahead with your purchase as it will either make you get a bigger penis or a full refund. There is no wear and tear.

SizeGenetics for FREE

You can only enjoy this deal with SizeGenetics! Grab your SizeGenetics extender and share your before-and –after photos with the producers. You will get all of your money back immediately! How cool is that.

The producers will then use those photos as powerful testimonials on their website. Even if they do not use your photos, you will however get your money back. Just make sure you take a “before” picture of your penis before you start using this device.

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While buying the SizeGenetics extender, you buy the below potentials as well:

  • Buy it and get your penis enlarged
  • Buy it; don’t have enough patience to wait for the results? Return it and get your money back
  • Buy it and get not only your penis enlarged but the MONEY as well

Only SizeGenetics is so confident about their product and thus is offering this deal. No other product comes with such great deals.

Endorsed by More Doctors than any other Extender

SizeGenetics enjoys a very good reputation among thousands of users including doctors and renowned media personalities.

The contains an article about SizeGenetics

There is a very interesting piece of writing about SizeGenetics in the May 2008 issue of GQ Magazine. One of their writers decided to write about his personal experience with SizeGenetics and said that even he did not wear the device for the recommended amount of time he still was able to have a half an inch increase in the penis size.

SizeGenetics has also been used by England’s Channel 4’s journalist Tim Shaw who experienced a half an inch increase in his penis size within just two weeks. He also shared his before-and-after pictures.

Can you afford residential synthetic ice?

Probably the number 1 question we get is “what is the price?” Price is the one thing all consumers  understand. One price can be compared to another. Granted knowing what is being compared is a whole other matter. We have written extensively on how to compare products so we won’t get into all that in this article.

can I afford synthetic ice?

Back to affordability. For the absolute most basic synthetic ice setup that your child could use with skates on effectively I would say you should be prepared to spend $500.00. Granted they won’t be able to do too much except shoot pucks and stick handle with skates on. That’s bare minimum and that’s using a value or budget wise product.

If what you would like to be able to accomplish is a broader range of skills such as forward, backward, pivots, tight turns, shooting, stick handling, agility, explosiveness and so forth then as a minimum you may want to think about investing in a surface that is about 200 square feet or measures 10 feet wide and 20 feet long. Depending on the product quality and performance level you can afford then expect to spend between $1700 and $3500.

If you live in Canada then your purchase of synthetic ice can be financed and can have a low monthly payment of between $38 and $85 per month based on a 5 year finance term. Seriously I know a lot of people who would spend more on coffee each month! This is a pretty minor investment considering the huge upside benefits this would offer your young hockey player(s).

Do Penis Exercises Really Work?

The need to enlarge and engorge penis by men is not new. Men from the older times have been seeking means that can help them add extra inches to the size and girth of their penis!

Penis exercises were commonly practiced in the previous decades, however, with the introduction of new and effective male enhancement products, the trend to add gains through natural means, seems to fade completely. Interestingly, many consider these exercises to be of no use, and their efficacy a myth, however these are truly unaware of how workable and useful these exercises can turn for them, without costing a single penny and without causing any harm to their sexual organ!


Have you ever notice how tribal people use certain items and weights to change the size and appearance of their body parts. For example, their females put metal rings in their necks to enlarge their necklines. Not just this, others use weights to enlarge their ear lobes, as a measure to come up with the beauty standards set by them. Foot binding was also a famous Chinese tradition that was practiced to stop the growth of feet, as tiny feet were considered to be a sign of beauty and high status in their society. When practices like these can work on other body parts, in terms of improving the size and appearance etc, then why not your penis?

Traction technique is one effective way that is proven to increase the length. It requires the penile to be stretched in a straight position. Even though, there are many devices and contraption used for this very purpose, yet, using your hands can also work to do the favor in the same manner as the tools.

Basically, our body has the tendency to adapt to the changes and react in accordance with the external stimuli. Have you ever wondered what makes the bodybuilders pack on muscles? It is the physical effort that facilitates and encourages the growth that is the response of exerted efforts.

Therefore, regular exercises that are practiced involving your penile will enable it to grow eventually.


An exercise that is proven to increase size and has been practiced since long is Jelq. It involves milking movement that encourages the circulation of blood to the genital regions. As the supply of blood to these areas amplifies, one is likely to experience size gains gradually. Apart from size, the exercise is also effective in improving the erection quality. Jelq can provide a great boost to your sexual health, safely!

According to Dr. Brian Richards, jelq is a very powerful exercise that has helped as many as 90% of the men who have practiced it consistently. Exercises like these tend to prove that penis enlargement exercises do work. However, make sure you do them accurately to ensure utmost gains.

If you are willing to buy a contraption that can apply the proven technique to enlarge penis, then I would suggest you to purchase Sizegenetics. It is penis extender that has been in the male enhancement market for 20 years now!


Sizegenetics applies traction technique, one that constantly, yet gently stretches your penile for the cells to break apart and divide. While these cells start to recover, new cells are produced that then accommodates the stretch, enabling the penile to increase in size permanently.


Reasons to choose sizegenetics are many. For example:

  1. It helps to enlarge your penile by inches. In addition to this, sizegenetics also help to engorge your penis so that not just the length, but the circumference of your penis is also increased.
  2. Sizegenetics strengthens penile. That’s true. This multipurpose contraption enables better gains, with a guarantee to strengthen your penis.
  3. Sizegenetics can also help you last longer in bed! Yes, using sizegenetics, you can also increase your sexual timings by longer erections. The consistent use of the device will also enable you to have hardcore erections.
  4. The penis extender works naturally and causes no nasty effects in the future.
  5. It is a proven solution for a curved penis and erectile dysfunction.
  6. It is a type 1 medical device that guarantees how effective and safe sizegenetics is.
  7. Its 58 way ultimate comfort system and 2800 grams of tension enables definite gains, comfortably.


When it comes to purchase a most demanded product like sizegenetics, one must only rely the genuine manufacturers and distributors of the product. So, to purchase it, simply visit the official website of sizegenetics and grab it at much discounted rates. Plus, using the medium for your purchase will also benefit you with a 6 months money back guarantee period! So, hurry, order your sizegenetics in few simple clicks today!

SizeGenetics Extender: Review and Results

If asked, almost every man in this world would show his desire for a long length penis! Interestingly, sizegenetics is a penis extender that has been helping men to enlarge and engorge their penis for a period of 20 years now. Sizegenetics works through natural means to ensure no harm is cause to your sexual organ, during the process of enlargement. Considering the comfort factor and the efficacy, sizegenetics justifiably ranked on the list of top 5 penis extenders ruling the male enhancement market. Sizegenetics is acclaimed to be a type 1 medical device. It is highly praised and recommended by doctors.


  • Sizegenetics is in the market for 20 years and has a record of serving thousands of customers successfully.
  • The contraption is mainly considered for its size enhancing powers. Besides, sizegenetics is also proven to engorge penis naturally and safely.
  • Its 58 way comfort system is what makes sizegenetics the most comfortable device available nowadays. Due to this, the device can be work for longer.
  • It applies traction technique to facilitate size gains. It is the solo penis extender that offers 2800 grams of tension for definite gains.
  • Sizegenetics is also considered by men with erectile dysfunction.
  • It comes in three attractive packages, all supported by six months money back policy.
  • The product is one such penis extender that has real testimonials and experiences. The product works for everyone and has no age limit.
  • Sizegenetics has a clean record of helping men with size gains. There has been no record of side effects that may have been sourced by its use.
  • Results generated by the contraption are lasting.


The benefits of this penis extender are not just limited to size gains; however, the usage of sizegenetics works to promote the general sexual health of a man. This means that this contraption is of versatile nature and can be used by all those:

  1. Willing to enlarge the length of their penile. According to many, the penis stretcher has helped them gain 1-3 inches on an average.
  2. Who wish to increase the circumference of their penile. This means that sizegenetics is good with both, enlargement, as well as engorgement purpose.
  3. Who want to strengthen their penis to boost their orgasmic pleasure.
  4. Who want to last longer in bed.
  5. Willing to have hardcore, solid erections.
  6. Seeking mean to straighten up a curvature.
  7. Seeking a natural and effective mean to treat erectile dysfunction.


  1. While many would not mind spending great on a product that promises and lead to definite gains, others could not afford the heavy price of this product. Yes, when it comes to price factor, the product lacks point. It is way more expensive than other contraptions that aim to increase gains.
  2. People who can afford male enhancement surgeries would find the process of enlargement long and time consuming.
  3. Active sleepers may end up facing injuries if they decide to wear the contraption during bedtime.

As you can see, the benefits of sizegenetics outweigh its cons. Thus, one thing that is assured is that sizegenetics is a smart choice for all those willing gain few inches in months, safely and naturally! I am sure, you must be wondering now, that what makes sizegenetics so effective! What is the secret behind it, or say the science behind its success! Let me help you uncover the truth!


Basically, Sizegenetics stands on 3 key principles:


As soon as the contraption is worn, the very moment it starts to function. It gives, slow and constant stretch to the penile, which makes the tissue cells present within the phallus to stretch and tear. This causes gaps.


After this, when the cells start to heal, fresh cells are formed which fill the gaps to accommodate the stretch. This enables size gains.


Your penis can now hold extra blood, which works to enlarge its size. Plus, this will also augment the quality of erections now! Yeah, I mean longer and hardcore erections.


Since it applies traction technique, which works through a natural mechanism to enable size gains, thus, the results may take time to prompt. One needs to remain patient and consistent with its usage!


If you are looking forward to this product for better gains and for the improvement in the quality of erections, then yes, the product will definitely work for you! However, if you wish sizegenetics to generate gains overnight, then male enhancement surgery is a better option for quick gains!

Boost Blood flow Naturally with These Simple Activities

You may be giving more importance on how to maintain your weight rather than maintaining your circulation in a proper manner. However, if you are interested in cleaning your body from harmful toxins, chemicals, additives, pollutants as well as preventing diseases, your best companion is your circulatory friend as it requires your assistance for staying strong.

Your circulatory system can be compared to a network of highways that reach to all the parts of your body. Imagine what chaos may be created when there is a traffic jam on one of these highways. To ensure that your body functions normally, you must be aware of these fundamentals of circulation and the best way of boosting blood flow in your body.

Our circulatory system constitutes of two distinct systems, namely lymphatic circulatory system and cardiovascular circulatory system. There are several effective and easy ways for improving the health of lymphatic and cardiovascular circulatory systems. Let us check out these simple ways to increase blood flow inside our bodies.

1. Drink a lot of water

Proper blood circulation is important for the execution of different body functions and water is an important constituent of blood volume. So you must ensure that you are drinking sufficient quantity of water daily and should get dehydrated at any cost as it may otherwise cause undue pressure on your circulatory system. Is water really helpful in flushing toxins from your body? Since any toxin that is soluble in water goes out with water, so if your body is properly hydrated, it is directly related to the proper functioning of your kidney.

2. Regular exercising is very important

Any activity that can contribute in the overall fitness of your body will also result in a strong circulatory system. If you indulge in aerobic activity on a regular basis, it will benefit the blood vessels as well as your heart. On the other hand, resistance training can add to muscle mass which enhances the efficiency of lymph and cardiovascular circulation.

3. Nurture healthy eating habits

If you make a habit of healthy eating, it not only makes your body healthy, but also affects your body circulation in a positive direction. Lymph constitutes of immune cells so its quality is improved by all such practices that improve immunity and include weight control and a balanced as well as health diet.

4. Massage is good for circulation

When is pressure is applied to the human body in form of massages, it results in an increased blood flow by stimulating the lymph and blood vessels that aid in moving the fluid along. There are various studies confirming that massages may improve circulation in localized manner thereby alleviating pain accelerating healing and reducing inflammation.