Benefits & Ingredients

Are you keen to know the most convenient and safest penis enlargement method, a method that is guaranteed to work? Do you believe that a good penis extension device can give you your desired results? If yes, then welcome Sizegenetics in your life!


  1. It is the top most sold penis extension device that is not just supported by the medical community, but is also suggested by physicians.
  2. Its advantages are not just restricted to length enhancement; however, a versatile contraption like sizegenetics is extremely famous for its penis engorgement abilities as well.
  3. What makes it the most in-demand brand in the male enhancement industry is the fact that it is extremely, comfortable to use. Its usage causes no discomfort and pain.
  4. The unique and advanced design of sizegenetics has always been a subject of praises by the masses. Apart from ensuring utmost extension in the penile, it ensures maximum comfort.
  5. Sizegenetics is certified as a medical type 1 device. It is has been widely tested before being endorsed.
  6. The tool also helps with peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction.
  7. It is said and believed to be a most pocket friendly and safe method for penis enlargement. A method that can save you from the pain and side effects of male enhancement surgery.

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Mentioned below, are few key benefits of using sizegenetics:

  1. It helps with size gains. Consistent usage of this penis extender can help you increase 0.8 to 2.8 inches in the size of your penis.
  2. If a thin penile is your concern, then you can ideally benefit from the usage of sizegenetics. It helps to engorge a penis, increasing the circumference by inches.
  3. It strengthens penis and improves erections. That is, those who wish to experience more powerful orgasms or are keen to last longer in bed can too, use sizegenetics.
  4. Sizegenetics is extremely effective for those with temporary impotence or erectile dysfunction. It helps with hard rock erections that can be hold for longer.
  5. The penis extension device is also used by men with a bent in their penis. Saying this would not be wrong that sizegenetics is an effective technique to fix peyronie’s disease.
  6. Gains generated by the contraption are lasting, provided that it has been used consistently.
  7. The brand generates equal level of effects for men of all ages. Thereby, all with a small sized penis or bent penis can benefit from it. Yes, the young and old, all!


Sizegenetics is a system and not just a typical, penis extender. It comes with certain accessories and components that are provided to make the brand a comprehensive solution for your concern.

So, lets have a closer look to what this system contains:

  1. REVITA CREAM: Extended usage of this tool can make your skin feel dry and rough. Thereby, the company provides revita cream to protect the shaft of the penile.
  2. SPARE PARTS: Sizegenetics come with certain spare parts that intend to make your journey comfortable and convenient. These actually aid users to use the device for longer, without any pain and discomfort.
  3. LOVECENTRIA SYSTEM: As the name says, lovecentria is all about love making! Purchasing sizegenetics would give you the access to the countless of DVDS that can be viewed online. These DVDS are meant to help you improve your sexual performance in bed.
  4. DEVICE WIPES: Sizegenetics, the contraption needs to be worn on the most sensitive part of your body, thereby, it should be ensured that you take proper care of hygiene. With this, device wipes can help you!
  5. PENIS HEALTH EXERCISE PROGRAM: the program can enable you make the most from sizegenetics. Its all about natural and easy to perform male enhancement exercises that can help you double your results!

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Basically, sizegenetics uses the natural approach, traction technique to produce gains. Obviously, utilizing a natural method simply reduces the chances of side effects to the greatest.

It is extremely important to wear lose fitting pants or trousers during the use. Plus, one must use sizegenetics during daytime as its nighttime use, during sleep, would increase the likelihood of injuries and bruises.


  1. Sizegenetics should be avoided by boys less than 18 years of age.
  2. If you have undergone male enhancement surgery and are willing to use sizegenetics, then we would recommend you to consult your doctor first.


  • Sizegenetics is an expensive brand. It costs way more than other penis extenders available nowadays. However, considering the value it offers, the higher price is pretty much justified.
  • Despite being extremely comfortable, wearing the contraption 4 to 6 hours a day might blow your patience!