The Truth Behind Penis Enlargement Procedures

Penis enlargement surgery or procedure is becoming demanded by men who want to add extra inches to their penis size.

Longer penis size is required for better sexual performance and elevated stamina which is so much in fashion these days.

Tired of their penis size and sexual performance men are looking for solutions online to which they come across many options.

Not every penis enlargement surgery is a success, neither every male enhancement product available in the market is efficient.

What is a normal penis size?

The normal size of a flaccid penis is around 2-4 inches, but that’s not how you determine the actual penis size.

There are 3 categories, but the one which counts is the size when your penis is fully erect.

The average penis size to satisfy a woman and to have mesmerizing sexual intercourse is agreed to be 4.7-6.9 inches.

Some men relatively have a smaller flaccid penis but they appear to be bigger after erection.

Does Size Matters?

This is not what men need to answer.

According to a survey, about 60% women believe that size does matter, while the other thinks it’s how you use it.

This issue has been on the internet for over a decade for which many penis enlargement supplements, pills, extenders, pumps have been developed.

But the actual question still remains the same, is that does size really matters?

Speaking of a man with a 6-inch penis, it will certainly easy for him to penetrate deep inside a woman.

Women love deep penetration in sex more than anything which is why the longer penis size is important to them.

Again, there are conditions where you ejaculated for a very short period of time, this time defines the actual pleasure in sex which due to small size penis gets narrowed down.

Bigger penis size develops more rigor and excitement level than it already present.

Yes, you can flaunt it in front of your partner which also leaves certain marks of stronger sexuality.

Women who are completely sexually active prefers the size range between 6-7 inches, which majority of men are longing to have.

Penis Enlargement Procedure

There are two different kinds of penis enlargement treatments which men have tried since the modern age.

The results with these treatments affect the length and girth of the penis which is why a large population is trying them for better sexual life.

These penis enlargement treatments include

  1. Surgical Procedure
  2. Non-Surgical Treatment

1. Surgical Procedure

The penis enlargement procedures are 50 years old where it first used to be for the people suffering from Peyronie’s disease and default birth abnormalities such as the micro penis.

surgical penis enlargement procedure
penis enlargement sugery

This cosmetic surgery enhances the length and girth of a penis as we know about it which later begin in America in late 1980.

The procedure is highly expensive and there is no guarantee if your penis size is going to get bigger.

As we spoke the surgery used to take place for the eradication of abnormal penis behavior which later can arise problems in a person’s sexual life.

The method is done by cutting the ligament and then perform plastic surgery to add the extra skin which gives it a new length.

The inches, however, weren’t too much which nowadays men want.

About 0.25 inch to 0.75 inch extra was observed by the surgeons which, according to modern size seekers is just not enough.

The increase in thickness was demonstrated by some experts who found it more dangerous than adding length to the penis via surgery.

Usually, an injection of liposuctioned fat was administered in the thighs or under the skin of the penis shaft.

The fats, however, disappeared within 90 days, leaving no marks of enhanced thickness.

To this day, penis enlargement surgical procedures are not guaranteed to give you the ideal size penis, indeed it’s a highly expensive and painful procedure.

2. Non-Surgical Treatment

No, we are not going to promote the penis enlargement pills or creams because these things have nothing to do with penis size.

non surgical penis enlargement methods
penis enlargement pills

Men for many centuries have been generating an enormous amount of strength all by natural means.

When it comes to enlarging the penis size, we would solemnly advise the users to go for the non-surgical treatment which mainly involves exercise for penis.

It’s like a bodybuilding for penis, but only with moderate intensity and routine punctuality.

To assist the exercise method so you can enlarge the size of your cock, there have been many scientific innovations which have completely changed the perspective of penis enlargement.

Een they have replaced the penis enlargement surgical procedures to the vast extent.

Penis extender device according to the majority of sex experts, are the safest and effective treatment for penis enlargement.

Now, there are many penis enlargement devices, but which one you should buy, well that’s a dilemma.

Because there are currently hundreds of size extenders available across the world, we will help you in choosing the right one which can fulfill your demands.

SizeGenetics – The Best Penis Extender

SizeGenetics is the latest name in penis enlargement devices which improve the size of your penis with enhanced erection quality.

Sizegenetics penis extender

The customer and expert’s reviews about SizeGenetics tells us that this device has changed the life of disappointed men quite drastically.

The device simply works by applying 2,800 grams of tension on the penis.

This tension is not the maximum amount of force, though, which can damage blood vessels.

The manufacturer used optimum amount of tension which is just right for your penis cells to grow at a natural rate.

The device is designed by the Dutch and American scientists which makes it the first-grade penis enlargement device, unlike the Chinese products who will damage your organ if used extremely.

The kit of SizeGenetics contains every possible equipment that can keep your penis safe and unharmed during the tension period.

Users have reportedly added 3-4 inches to their penis size in 3 months of the time period.

This is way more inches than what you get from surgery.

Final Thoughts

Penis extension device

Latest cosmetic surgical procedures are mostly untested by research, untrustworthy in their results, and may bring the risk of serious complications.

Whereas in the official website of SizeGenetics you can find a large number of Urologists has endorsed SizeGenetics for its very remarkable results.

Either you waste your hard earned cash in any sham surgical procedure, or you can pay an affordable price and get this size extending device right away.

Note: There is no risk associated with Non-Surgical treatments, especially by the use of Sizegenetics Extenders.

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