SizeGenetics Penis Extender Here’s 2017 Results

A penis extender is a device that gets affixed to your penis and gently applies force while stretching your penis without hurting or causing any disturbance. Regular usage of penis extenders can cause a significant enlargement in penis size.

Penis enlargement tools are the only way to enlarge your penis size without undergoing any painful surgeries. Penis enlargement pills or creams should never be preferred or used as they are all scam and do nothing except wasting up the money.

Same is the case with penis pumps that only leave a temporary effect. To enjoy a lifelong penis enlargement you should only use penis extenders.

There are numerous of studies confirming penis extenders’ effectiveness. One of the verifications is the Wikipedia’s stat below:

“A 2002 study that was published in the International Journal of Impotence Research effectively showed that penis extender devices can elongate the penis and increase penis length in correlation with how long the device is used. Another study, conducted in 2009 at the University of Turin and published in the British Journal of Urology, concluded the same thing.”

To get as much benefit of penis extenders as desired one must wear the device for as longer time as possible. The favorable results start occurring within a few months.

The progression of penis extenders is frequently matched up to to weight exercise. Muscles get stretched and ripped while lifting up the weight which causes muscle duplication. Muscles start holding more and more blood as they get healed up.

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This is exactly the same what happens after using penis extenders. The results do take time to occur but when you used extenders with full dedication you will end up having a 2 inches bigger and stronger penis.

Just imagine your life with a two inch bigger penis? It is not a scam. Give it a try to experience it yourself.

Why is SizeGenetics the number 1 Penis Extender?

Below are the reasons what make SizeGenetics the number 1 penis extender:

Strength: throwing back all of its competitors behind, SizeGenetics gives you up to 2,800 grams of tension so you can get your desired results sooner and faster. No other penis extender offers the same.


First-rate medical materials have been used manufacturing this device to ensure 100% safety. Most of the penis extenders available in the market are assembled and produced in China using low quality materials with possibilities of slipping up. You better just ignore such cheap quality extenders as they may cause serious damage to your penis.


SizeGenetics’ penis extender gives you the most comfy experience ever. You can easily wear it for longer hours without feeling any disturbance. This will result in sooner results. SizeGenetics Advanced Comfort System gives you 58 various ways to adjust the device settings as per your comfort-ability.

By the passage of time, the comfort system is improving further and further. SizeGenetics producers have recently build up special comfort plasters to wear with the beneath the device to avoid any chances of slippage or rasping with the help of the global manufacturing corporation 3M.

There is no more comfy and relaxed penis extender in the market than SizeGenetics penis extender. The only reason men discontinue using extenders is the uneasiness they cause. The only way to get SizeGenetics penis extender in your bag is thorough the official online site only as it is not available in stores and retail outlets.


The company is based is Danish for almost two decades. SizeGenetics underwent thousands of researches by both American and Danish doctors before it gets introduced in the market.

SizeGenetics has been manufactured following the FDA instructions and regulations. The foreign based penis extenders have no guarantee of being a safe device.

The Guarantee

The device comes with 6 months of money back guarantee giving you enough time to check out if it works for you.

In fact, penis enlargement through extenders demands both time and endurance. No man with low patience power can stick to it. This is why the producers are a little conscientious about giving the guarantee.

Even if you are a disbeliever of this extender, you should go ahead with your purchase as it will either make you get a bigger penis or a full refund. There is no wear and tear.

SizeGenetics for FREE

You can only enjoy this deal with SizeGenetics! Grab your SizeGenetics extender and share your before-and –after photos with the producers. You will get all of your money back immediately! How cool is that.

The producers will then use those photos as powerful testimonials on their website. Even if they do not use your photos, you will however get your money back. Just make sure you take a “before” picture of your penis before you start using this device.

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While buying the SizeGenetics extender, you buy the below potentials as well:

  • Buy it and get your penis enlarged
  • Buy it; don’t have enough patience to wait for the results? Return it and get your money back
  • Buy it and get not only your penis enlarged but the MONEY as well

Only SizeGenetics is so confident about their product and thus is offering this deal. No other product comes with such great deals.

Endorsed by More Doctors than any other Extender

SizeGenetics enjoys a very good reputation among thousands of users including doctors and renowned media personalities.

The contains an article about SizeGenetics

There is a very interesting piece of writing about SizeGenetics in the May 2008 issue of GQ Magazine. One of their writers decided to write about his personal experience with SizeGenetics and said that even he did not wear the device for the recommended amount of time he still was able to have a half an inch increase in the penis size.

SizeGenetics has also been used by England’s Channel 4’s journalist Tim Shaw who experienced a half an inch increase in his penis size within just two weeks. He also shared his before-and-after pictures.

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