All You Need To Know About IceCast Hosting

IceCast hosting servers allows a seamless broadcasting experience by quickly and easily streaming your station all across the globe. It allows you to stay in touch with your users tuning in from almost any location. IceCast is built in with mountpoints that automatically transfer listeners from the Auto DJ mode to the live streaming broadcast and back without the need to manually turn anything on or off. It is different from WHM Sonic, which works with MP3 streams ensuring it is compatible with other media players such as Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media and even flash players.

IceCast Hosting servers are the same as ShoutCast in many ways as it allows you to stream using Ogg, AAC+, MP3 or Opus supported media. All IceCast Hosting Packages include Free Auto DJ. IceCast Auto DJ system allows you to upload your mp3s to the system while selecting multiple playlists and streaming 24/7 without the need for your computer to be on all the time.
How do you start using IceCast?

Start your stream in 3 easy steps:

  1. Begin with choosing your bitrate
  2. Next step is choosing the number of listeners
  3. Lastly, checkout – you are ready to go

How is IceCast priced

Accounts all have unlimited traffic, but a limit on the bitrate and listeners. All these plans include the AutoDJ with all the great features thrown in for free.

How is IceCast support?

Support is provided 24/7 and comes with all packages. Friendly staff are on standby ready to answer your questions while helping you begin streaming as soon as possible.

Here’s why you should pick IceCast

  • Reliable: Servers with zero downtime and greater infrastructure are at your disposal with IceCast’s goal on providing efficient and cost effective high speed hosting solutions for your broadcast station.
  • Cloud Auto DJ: Users have access to automation software that helps broadcast 24/7 without requiring the use of your computer all day. Just upload your files, create your playlists and start your stream.
  • Multiple DJs: If more than one DJ is performing on your station, you could find it desirable in delegating limited access to the control panel to each DJ. It is possible through various DJ accounts.
  • Live Source Switching: If your live broadcast loses connection or if your live broadcast suddenly ends, the control panel automatically switches to default playlists in your Cloud Auto DJ as backup to your Internet Radio.
  • Music Library: IceCast lets you upload your files to the Cloud AutoDJ library helping you create multiple playlists. Your own Internet Radio in autopilot 24/7 uses Cloud AutoDJ. Additionally you may broadcast live whenever you wish to.
  • Reporting and Statistics: IceCast helps you monitor your stream’s audience, resource utilization and performance, which are essential to running a successful Internet radio station. IceCast’s statistics systems provides realtime statistics about listener trends and demographics.