Five Easy Ways to Troubleshoot Problems in Your Android Tablet

Is your Android tablet acting up? If you are someone who relies on their device for much of their work or day-to-day chores, then you will probably be looking for the quickest way to get your tablet repair done and your access restored.

Depending on the nature of the problem it may actually be easier than you think to sort out some of the problems you may encounter. And not surprisingly, most of these niggles are more common than you would imagine – which means the solutions are also usually quite easy to find. Here’s a tablet repair headstart to help you tackle some of the more easily solved issues.

Turn it on and off

Yes. Sometimes it is as simple as that. Tablets do need their downtime, so simply turning it off for a bit and leaving it off for a few minutes helps. Restart and see if the problem has resolved itself. If you want to go the whole nine yards, get the battery out as well after you shut down.

Check for connectivity

If you suddenly encounter issues with loading websites that have been quick and easy to access until now, or if you have issues with downloading Apps (takes too long/doesn’t download etc.), it could be a simple issue with your internet connection and not the tablet itself. Save yourself a trip to the store for getting a tablet repair job by first checking your Wi-Fi is on and working well. Disconnect/switch off Wi-Fi and reconnect in case it has dropped or timed out. If you are at home you can try restarting the router itself. Simply unplug it, power down and leave off. Then restart. If you are using mobile data, check whether you are working off a 4G/3G/1X or no connection at all! The solution to your tablet connectivity woes could be as simple as moving to a different seat that is better located for connections.

Use the Force Close command

Sometimes, an application you are using just refuses to go away or begins to behave bizarrely. A pop-up may appear informing you of a malfunction, in which case all you need to do is hit the ‘Force Close’ option to shut down that App.

Reset the software on your Android Tablet

If simpler tablet repair fixes do not work, you can reset your device. Be warned that this restores all settings to the way it was on the day you bought it. Which means if you do not back them up elsewhere all your files, videos, photos and music will be lost. Apps, synced accounts…everything will be purged. So do this only if you are sure nothing else will work and tech support confirms this is the way to go.

To do this, go to Settings => Backup and Reset => Factory Data Reset => Reset tablet/device | Next, unlock the tablet => Delete All/Erase Everything.

Hunt down the manual or Call tech support

Even if your own tablet manual has long been discarded, ebook versions are usually available online for trouble shooting. If the problem is more challenging, you might need some professional technical help. Find the number of your Android phone’s local tech support team and give them a call. They will expect a few details including the model of your tablet. This information is typically available under Settings, in the General tab. Simply click on About Device or About Tablet to get the specifications they will need.